Gold Mine Gaming

Accel Entertainment and Gold Mine Gaming wanted to reward customers with a 3-month long promotion totaling $10,000 in prizes. Bethany Murphy, a manager at Gold Mine Gaming, was fully hands-on during the Gold Mine Gaming & Accel collaborative event.


“It was very easy… [Accel] made it very easy… we met with the whole marketing team to get the ball rolling, kind of talk through what we wanted to do, what we didn't want to do.”

- Bethany Murphy, Manager, Gold Mine Gaming

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Providing support to a location owner for an event, executing said event, and rewarding customers who visit, is what we strive to achieve when presented with the opportunity for a promotion. Without complete dedication, plans will fall apart. We, at Accel Entertainment, are here to make sure that doesn’t happen.


“I would say my favorite part of the promotion was in the beginning, definitely the customer appreciation events because it was fun, it was a lot of work, but at the end of the day, it was a lot of fun. And then also being able to call those people that won, you know, even if it was a $25 winner, they were so happy and appreciative, and it just felt good to kind of make people's day.”

- Bethany Murphy, Manager, Gold Mine Gaming


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