Berk's Daiq Shack in Centralia

Berk’s Daiq Shack in Centralia, Illinois, opened its doors in late December 2021. Thanks to owner Berkeley Brown, this paradisal daiquiri establishment has become a hit in Centralia.


“I was a player prior to wanting to open my own gaming parlor, and I have gambled at different establishments that have different gaming companies. And for me personally, I would pick an (Accel Entertainment) location over the other locations. I enjoy the games better. I feel like they play better, just enjoy it better.”

- Berkeley Brown, Owner, Berk's Daiq Shack

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Berk’s Daiq Shack and Cory Hanselman (Accel Entertainment Relationship Manager) work hand in hand to provide the best experience for their customers. With progressive promotions, creative cornhole promotions, and more, Berk’s takes full advantage of Accel’s marketing expertise to help reward and excite their players.


“We try to do something fun. We try to do something different….And that's one of my main things when it comes to most of my promotions actually is I try to make them unique, something different than anything else that's going on in the area.” 

- Cory Hanselman, Accel Relationship Manager, Berk's Daiq Shack


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