Air Jiffy Lounge

Air Jiffy Lounge Profits through Partnership with Accel Entertainment

"I think [Accel's] staff is excellent. The people are very nice."

Owner, Gurjit Nanrhe, Air Jiffy Lounge

In 2017, Gurjit Nanrhe decided it was time to make a major change to his business located outside of Springfield, Illinois. With Accel Entertainment as his terminal operator, Nanrhe knew that he could count on his trusted partner to help make his new gaming parlor - The Air Jiffy Lounge -  a total success. 

Air Jiffy Lounge Testimonial 2018 -47
This testimonial features certain detail about the Illinois gaming market that, while accurate at the time of filming, may not reflect current policies.
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“It's a nice company, Accel is a nice company. I would recommend them for other people." 

Gurjit Nanrhe, Air Jiffy Lounge

The Air Jiffy Lounge gaming parlor is located just outside of Springfield, Illinois and offers a non-traditional environment for many players. With good drinks and quick bites available right in the gaming room, Nanrhe is hoping to create a loyal customer base out of his patrons.

So how does Accel Entertainment support Nanrhe and the Air Jiffy Lounge? Accel Entertainment provides expertise and support in marketing and top-of-the-line technical assistance. And Nanrhe knows that support like this can make all the difference to a new gaming business. 

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We started this business in July 2017. It was a restaurant before. When I bought this place it was closed. Then we get the license then we start putting gaming in here. It’s a good place for gaming. Then we put the gaming in here and we still have a restaurant back there. We will open that someday.

Accel is a very good company. Anything we needed they are helping us. Any flyers outside. . . any advertisements. . . Accel prints those and put them out, and it looks nice now. And from half a mile, people then can see there is gaming with that outside. It helps a lot.

So, whenever we call them in, or the machine is shut down, they are nice and friendly. They come right away to fix the machines. The collection people are nice too, very nice. I think their service is excellent.

It’s a nice company. Accel is a nice company. I would recommend other people to them.