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After the Fox Benefits from Accel-ent Service (and a 39% Revenue Increase) after Switching

“I chose Accel because they had better service, better people."

Pat Summers, owner of After the Fox in McHenry, said his previous terminal operator wasn't helping his location deliver a stellar video gaming experience to its customers. At that time, he decided to look for another slot provider.

After the transition to Accel Entertainment in March 2017, Summers quickly noticed improvements in service compared with the previous Terminal Operator. 

“The service has been wonderful,” he says. “Machines are never down that long, so I’m happy."

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This testimonial features certain detail about the Illinois gaming market that, while accurate at the time of filming, may not reflect current policies.

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“I had a previous company that I did not like.” Summers explains.
“I didn’t like the way they did business and ran the operation. So I went with Accel.”

After the Fox in downtown McHenry, Illinois, offers a unique ambiance for diners. The cozy restaurant is located right on the Fox River — hence the name — and has an outdoor patio overlooking the water, and boaters regularly stop in for a drink or bite to eat. After the Fox strives to provide a memorable experience that keeps patrons coming back.

When owner Pat Summers found After the Fox’s Terminal Operator wasn’t meeting his standards for providing the best possible video gaming experience, he decided to switch to Accel Entertainment. Perhaps most importantly, profits have risen dramatically since switching to Accel.

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Hi my name is Pat Summers. I am the owner of After The Fox in McHenry and we’ve been around since 1982.

I’ve been with Accel since March 2017.  I had a previous company that I did not like and I didn’t like the way they did the business and ran the operation so I went with Accel and they’ve been fine since I’ve had them.  Accel, honored, they were here right away.  It was the other company that didn’t show up and why everything was held up so I thought they did a very nice job.

I’ve been happy with Accel because they keep changing over games and getting new games all the time.  That’s what the customers are looking for.  They want to be able to play different games.  Not just the ones you had there all these years.

The service has been wonderful. I think one of the tech’s lives within a mile or two from here. So he’s always here within 20 minutes. Machines are never down that long so I’m happy.

My revenues are up 17% since I went with Accel, which is very good, it’s very profitable and I am very happy with them.

The relationship manager with Accel are very nice.  She signed all the paperwork, gave me a whole booklet, put everything in order for me.  Made sure that I had my license on time because it was going to expire and she came in and did it right on-line and took care of it.  They come at least once or twice a week, check on everything see if everything’s right and I like that. They’ve done a nice job and I’m glad.

The collection team comes in and you don’t even hear a noise from them.  They just come and take it and they are in and out of here in 5 minutes.  They send the receipt or they send me the money every week and I get a letter every Thursday saying how much they actually put in my account.

Marketing, the ladies who helped are real nice.  They’ve always come over with anything I needed.  They came and got it and if I needed some advertisement she puts up there.  I like that too, that always helps.

My experience with Accel’s been fine.  Everything that I’ve wanted them to do. They show up on time, they collect on time, they don’t bother anybody. They don’t get in the way of any of the business being run here. I choice Accel because they had better service, better people and it shows.  I try to recommend Accel to everybody that I know.