Accel Entertainment is the largest Terminal Operator in the Illinois gaming market. We strategically place slot machines and amusements in bars, restaurants, gaming cafes, truck stops and other pouring establishments throughout the state.

We’re a fast-growing company in a thriving market, and we have an expertise that's unsurpassed in the industry. Our customers value our exceptional customer service and high-quality video slot, redemption terminal and amusement equipment.

Most Choosen Operator in IIIinois

Statewide Coverage

We service the entire state of Illinois.

Legal and Compliance

Fully staffed legal and compliance team with 2 full time attorneys and 5 members on compliance team.

World-class Equipment

We work with a wide selection of video gaming manufacturers from around the world.

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Maximize Your Profit
Provide Business Strategy to help you maximize your profits.

Relationship Manager

We offer a Designated Relationship Manager to help build your business.